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Wood Flooring in SarasotaWood Flooring in Sarasota

Once you’ve committed to replace your floors, there are more things to consider than just stain. Will you be installing a new sub floor for your new floor? In what rooms will you be installing the new floor? Most importantly, do you want to install a real wood floor, an engineered floor or a laminate floor? It’s important to understand your options and plan your project before you get started.

There are many advantages to installing true hardwood floors. They can be refinished or sanded and stained multiple times, depending on the species of wood and the condition of the floor. You can purchase pre-finished floors in the species — oak, pine, walnut, bamboo, to name a few — and stain of your choosing, or you can choose unfinished floors that are installed and then stained on site with a custom stain.

Before you install your new floor, think about the other projects that will be impacted by your decision. Are you installing over existing floors? If so, you need to address banisters that could now be lower than code allows (36 inches high). Do you have to remove radiators to install your new floors? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system while you are at it. Had you dreamed of an open concept? Then you need to start taking down walls! Don’t forget about moldings. A new layer of flooring will shorten the appearance of molding not removed prior to installation. Be sure to budget for the side projects that need to be addressed prior to or as a result of your latest project.

If looking into buying any kind of hardwood flooring I’d check out Lumber Liquidators. I found them to have a much broader selection than the Home Depot/Lowes and they’re cheaper too. Plus the people I spoke with there seemed to know what they were talking about.

Pergo specialize in laminate flooring. It doesn’t matter what your budget, Pergo will be able to offer you something to suit your needs. If for example, you find that you are on a restricted budget then you may want to look at the Pergo Accolade range. The Accolade range is created to give your home a look of authentic wood. While they may be cost effective, they still offer premium features.

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