Great Ways To Use A Massage Chair To Relax Muscles

A massage chair helps to loosen and relax sore and tired muscles. Whether you are an athlete, or just have a physically demanding job a massage chair can help you relax your muscles and give you quick muscle pain relief. You do not have to go to a massage therapist to get the relief that you need. A massage chair compare can provide the relaxation you need in the comfort of your own home. They come in all shapes and all sizes. There are many different features massage chairs offer that can give you the relief you need. Below are some great ways and features to achieve deep muscle relaxation in your massage chair.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a feature in a massage chair that increases blood flow which helps to decrease swelling and can help injuries heal faster. Direct heat also helps the muscle relax which prevents spasms and relieves pain. Most heated massage chairs offer the option to adjust the temperature as well as turn the heat mode completely on or off. It’s a necessary feature when finding the right massage chair to relax your muscles.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity mode is another feature on a massage chair that benefits muscles and promotes relaxation. This mode places your body in a zero-gravity position. This takes the pressure and weight off of tired, sore, tense muscles. It also helps to increase blood flow and circulation, when set in the recline position where legs are raised above heart level. This reduces swelling and induces muscle relaxation.

Vibration Mode

The vibration feature on a massage chair creates vibrating movements that relax muscles and reduces stress. It also increases muscle mass and strength. Over a period, this increase will help decrease recovery time which helps athletes with physical training. The increase in muscle mass and strength also helps to avoid injury. As with both zero-gravity mode and heat therapy this feature also increases blood flow which aids in muscle relaxation.

Rolling Massage

This feature provides gentle pressure on body parts as rollers move up and down. Targeted body parts are typically the back and neck area. This helps to relief tension and relax muscles.

Air Compression

The air compression massage feature basically consists of airbags built into the massage chair that compress certain parts of the body. These releasing and squeezing movements relax muscles and relieve pain and tension. The inflation and deflation of the air bags is fast and individualized to focus on a particular part of the body.

Stretch massage

This feature is also put into action by air. Airbags are incorporated to stretch body muscles. One muscle group or one muscle at a time is focused on and stretched. This stretch feature loosens muscles, relieves muscle knots, and promotes extreme muscle relaxation.

When searching for a massage chair be sure to research all different features. These are just a few of many. Finding a chair that has all of the functions you want is necessary for full body relaxation.

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